USA 2014 - with Korsløkke Ungdomsskole/Camp10

Soo, I was 2 weeks in USA with my school, where we started with being parted in two groups, some went to New Jersey on High School for the first 3 days, and the other group (incl. me) went to Washington. Then we all went to New York City
Obviously because it was two weeks, I have a lot of pictures, so I picked out 80 out of around 700 pictures.. A few of them are taken with my iPhone, but all others are taken with my Canon :) 

There's a lot of things we saw that I don't have pictures of in this post, or just not at all. Such as Ellis Island, Pentagon & probably other places/things too, sorry :)

We also saw Rock of Ages on Broadway - Amazing musical!
Blue Man Group - Extremely funny and creepy!
and Cirque Du Soleil - I'm not really into circus things, but it was beautiful. 

These pictures are not in the right dates, because I can't remember which day we did what.


Statue Of Liberty

Museum Of Modern Art

Bus Tour to see film places 
- This is where Will Smith lives in "I Am Legend" + it's also in a lot of other films and tv-series. 

Ghost Busters

Times Square

From some bridge I didn't really understand what was..

Around Bleecker Street

Picture says it all! :)

Arlington National Cemetery 

Random place

U.S Capitol

White House 

Empire State Building

Grand Central

Times Square - again

Tower Of Freedom & 9/11 Memorial

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